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Spoil yourself

Where is the fun in owning something that other people have already?

Today's real luxury is bespoke, a hand-crafted original made just for you. A beautiful personalised painting is also the perfect gift idea. How more thoughtful could you be?

Maybe you have a yacht, moored hundreds or thousands of miles away. She's your pride and joy but imagine the pleasure of looking at her every day in the form of an oil painting commissioned by you. Its so much more tha a photograph.

Perhaps you would prefer a portrait of your children, to capture a moment in time that a camera never could?

We can make your dreams come true as our paintings can be "directed' by you. For instance, your yacht could be winning the race or be moored in the centre of Paris next to Notre Dame cathedral?

All we need are good quality photographs and some stage direction. We can take the photos if required. 

Call +44(0)7741 289986 to discuss your idea.




Take the plunge

Contact us to discuss your commission as well as timeframes, logistics and prices. Call Alexander on +44(0)7741 289986 or complete the form below.

We are UK based in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, but can travel to take photographs for a commission.

Photo credit: Visit Isle of Wight

"Capturing moments today that will light up tomorrow"


Call +44(0)7741 289986